Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pineapple Pastry

Hai friends today i am coming with pineapple pastry.This is very tasty.It takes some time to prepare.I like it.I got this recipe from the vahrehvah.I already told about Sanjay tumma he is great chef in teaching and cooking.I tried this recipe from him.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Cake mix plain-1 cup
Oil-1/4 th cup
pineapple can-1
Heavy whipping cream-1 packet
Sugar-1/2 cup
Pineapple essence-3 to 4 drops


1.How to prepare the cake.

First we have to prepare the cake as per the instructions given on the packet.
Take 1 cup of cake mix in the bowl and keep it aside.
In another bowl take the 3 eggs,oil and beat it to fluppy as shown in the pic.
When we beat it it raises to nice foam to this we have to add the water and mix it well.
To this mix we have to add the cake mix and mix it well.
Now take the baking tray and grease the tray with the oil.
Pour the mix in the tray and tap it so that the bubbles will go.
Now bake the cake.

In the mean time we have to prepare the cream.

2.How to prepare the cream.

Take the whipping cream and 1/4th cup sugar in the bowl and beat it well.

3.How to open the pineapple can and cut it into the chunks.

Take the pineapple can and open it with the can opener and drain the water.
Take the pineapple and chop it and keep it aside. to prepare the sugar syrup.

Take 1/2 cup water add the 2 tsp of sugar,3 to 4 drops of pineapple essence and keep it aside.

Method to prepare the final process.

Take the cake from the oven and cool it completely.(we have to start the icing when the is completely cooled).

Now cut the cake like the 4 rectangle shape and place the one cake sheet on the on the tray.

Now sprinkle the sugar syrup on the cake.Do not sprinkle more syrup.
Now apply the cream and sprinkle the chopped pineapple pieces.

Now place the another cake sheet and sprinkle the syrup and apply the cream and sprinkle the chopped pineapple pieces.

Now place the another cake sheet and cover the cake completely with the whipping cream.
If u water to design the cake cut the cardboard like this.
Now place this sheet on the sides of the cake and move it u can get the design.
To decorate the cake take the cream in the ziploc bag and do it like the cone and cut the tip.

Now decorate the cake with the cream and the pineapple pieces.
If u have the cherries u can decorate it.It gives the cake new look.
Now the cake is ready for the party.

Happy New Year

My all blogger friends.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Taking a long break...................

Hai friends i am taking a long break.Gng to India .I will back in 3 months.I am missing all of recipes from my blogger friends and also my friends.If i got time i wll check the recipes and try to post the recipes.Miss u friends.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hai friends today i am coming with the famous biscuit Nankhatai.This is one of famous biscuit.We love this biscuit.Its simple and easy.We can prepare it very fastly.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Maida-1 cup
Sugar -1/2 cup
Ghee or butter-1 stick
Baking Soda-1/4 tsp
Almond and Pista pieces-3 tsp
Oil or butter to spray.


First we have to prepare the dough.
To this we have to take maida in one bowl
Add the sugar and baking soda to the same bowl..

Whisk it so that all the dry ingredients mix well.

Now take the butter and melt it.Put the butter stick in the bowl and put it in the oven for 30 sec so it gets melt.

Now add the melted butter to the dry ingredients(maida,sugar,baking soda).

Mix it well we will get nice dough.(Dont add the water)
Preheat the oven for 350 degrees

Now take the baking tray grease the tray with the butter and keep it aside.
Take the dough and make small balls and press the ball with ur palms like as i show in the pic.

Place it on the tray place the nuts on the dough and bake it for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes take out from oven and cool it and store in the air tight box.

This is very yummy biscuits and have it at tea time or snack.
Children love to eat this for snack time.

Sonti Podi(Dry Ginger Powder)

Hai friends today i am coming with Sonti Podi.This means dry ginger powder.This is very good for health.This is the recipe from my great grand mother.This they used to give after the delivery and also during winters for every one week my mom gives this rice.She mix this podi with hot rice and lightly add the ghee or oil and she used to give one by one to all my family members.That time we can eat lot nut that we have to take only two to three only.Ok lets go to the rciepe.


Dry ginger(Sonti)-5 to 6 ginger pods
Toor Dal-2 hands ful
Salt to taste


First we have to take the Sonti and make into pieces.

It is very hard so i use this mortal(In telugu we calld it Umman Dasta).

Now place the pan and heat it when it gets heat add the toor dal and fry it until it changes the colour.

When it changes the colour take out and keep it aside.

Now in the same pan add the dry ginger and heat it.It changes the colour immediately
now we get nice aroma.

MAke then cool both ginger and dal.
Take the blender and add the dry ginger ,Dal and litle salt blend it to very fine powder.

Store this is the box and have it.

Mix this podi with hot rice and add little ghee.

Bread and egg toast

Hai friends today i am coming with Bread and Egg toast.Its very simple and healthy breakfast.I love this half boiled egg.When we combine half boiled egg and bread it gives nice taste.When we are eating we can feel the taste.All age groups love to eat this.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Bread slices(Wheat bread)-4
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Oil to spray.


First we have to toast the bread.

While it is toasting we have to prpeare the half boiled egg.
Place the pan and heat it.

Break the egg and pour directly on the pan and cook it.

Sprinkle little salt and pepper to it and spray the oil.

Keep it aside the egg on the plate.Do it another one like the same way.
Now the bread is ready.

Place the bread slice and put the half boiled egg on the bread slice and cover it with another bread slice.

Now its ready to eat.Serve hot and have the orange juice later.