Monday, August 7, 2017

Gondh Laddoo/Wheat flour and Nuts Laddoo/Edible Gum Laddoo

Hai friends today I am coming with yummy and tasty sweet called "Gondh Laddoo".This dish originates from Rajasthan.This is very tasty and easy sweet.This is good sweet during winter.Gondh means gum.It gives heat and energy to body .Ok lets go to the recipe.


Wheat flour-1 cup
Gondh(Edible Gum)-1/4th cup
Sugar-3/4th  cup
Nuts(Cashew and Almonds)-1/2 cup
Ghee-1/2 cup



First chop the nuts and keep it aside.
In the pan Add one spoon of ghee and add the nuts .

Fry until light brown.Take out from pan and make it cool.


In the same pan add one more spoon ghee and fry the gondh.The gondh may pop like pop corn.Take from pan and keep it aside.

Wheat Flour:

Now in the same pan add 3 more spoons of ghee and add the wheat flour and fry in the low flame till it changes colour or nice aroma comes.The wheat flour will be like crumble.


Take the Sugar and blend to powder.


Take the nuts and blend it.Keep it aside.

Same as gondh blend it as shown in the pic.

Now in the wheat flour add the powdered sugar,nuts,gondh and little ghee.Mix it well.

Take small amount of mixture and form like a laddoo.Do all the Laddoos.

Serve it.


We can use jaggery instead of sugar.

We can use makhan to this laddoo.This tastes very tasty.