Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apple suji Halwa

Hai friends today i am coming with Apple Suji Halwa.One of my friend told abt this recipe so i give  a try it came out perfect and we all love it.So i wan to share this recipe with u..

Apple -2
Suji or semolina-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Salt little pinch
Ghee-1/2 cup
Cashew nuts and raisans-1/4 cup
Elachi little pinch(In this recipe i forgot to add the elachi)

First we have to clean the apple and peel the skin of the apple and finely chop the apple and keep it aside.

First switch on the stove and place the pan.
When it gets heat add little ghee and fry the cashew nuts until it changes to light brown.

Now in the same pan add the suji and fry until the nice aroma comes.Keep this aside untill we need.
Now in the same pan add some ghee when it gets heat add the chopped apple until it gets cooked.

In the same pan add the milk and make it boil.When it gets boil slowly pour the suji by mixing continously otherwise it forms like balls.(at this time we have to reduce the heat)

When the suji is cooked add the sugar and mix it well and cook for 1 minute.
To this add the nuts and ghee.

Serve it when it is little.It tastes good in little warm.


1.In this recipe i use both water and milk.If u like to add more milku can add 2 cups of milk otherwise we can use 1:1 ratio.
2.In this recipe i use finely chopped apple .If u dont like chopped pieces u can simple blend the chopped apple pieces.


  1. Vineela,
    Apple Sooji halwa looks delicious.Nice way to get kids eat fruit.Nice step by step presentation.

  2. Thank u very much Kiran.My daughter really love this.

  3. Love it dear. Looks great. I love your step by step pic. I have a version of this in my blog as well :)

  4. addition of apple give nice flavor to halwa..really kids love this version..good one vinee

  5. hi vineela ....halwa looks yummy ,i never tried sooji halwa with apple ,it is new to me but very interesting ....1st time to ur blog ..i also like the idea of growing methi leaves which u posted earlier...thank you for the wonderful posting..
    i am also having a blog ,in ur free time have a look at it...

  6. this is new to me, but it look really good!

  7. This is delicious, love the addition of apple in the recipe, thanks for sharing dear...

  8. Hmm,,,halwa looks delicious dear never tried fruits with halwa dear sure it will taste very good na..

  9. Halwa looks extremely tempting, lovely dish..

  10. Sooji halwa looks really good. Nice one i liked very much.

  11. Hi first time here.... U have a nice set of recipes.... This apple suji halwa is my fav. Once i had this at my friends place. Loved it so much.... Urs looks good....

  12. Thanku very much Priya Mithrawal.

  13. Thank u very much satya for ur wonderful comment.Sure go through ur blog.

  14. Thank u very much Sonia try this u love it.

  15. Thank u very much Treat and trick.

  16. Thank u very much Sukanya.Try this and let me know dear how it came.