Thursday, March 16, 2023

UppuChepa Vankaya Koora(Salted Fish and Brinjal Curry)

 Hai friends today I am coming with tasty and interesting recipe. This is called Uppuchepa Vankaya 

Koora.  Uppu chepa is called as Salted fish. In India we used to cook this curry with dry salted fish.

That tastes yummy. Those who eat those dry fish , shrimp they will enjoy these curries. This can be cook 

with the  brinjal or ridgegourd.  

Now its tough to bring dry fish to USA. But don't worry now we can get salted fish and dry  fish  here.

 We get variety of salted fishes here. Ok lets go the recipe


Salted fish- 10 pieces

Brinjal-6 small

Onions- big 1 onion

Salt to taste

Chilli powder to taste


Oil-2 tsp

Preparations:  Cut the fish into pieces as shown in the video.

Cut the onion into small pieces.

Cut the brinjal into length wise pieces.


Place the pan add oil and heat it.

 When it gets heat add the onion pieces and fry until light brown.

When the onion gets cooked add the salt and chilli powder. Mix well and cook for 1 minute.

Add the brinjal pieces and mix well. All the masala should covered well to the brinjal.

Now add the water and curry leaves cover it and make it boil.

 When the water boils well now add the fish pieces . Cover and cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

Later both fish and brinjal cooked well.

Off the heat. 

Serve this with hot steamed rice or Rasam Rice.

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