Monday, August 24, 2009

Glass Painting

Hai friends i think u all guys celebrate the ganesh Chathurthi festival.These are ydy pooja fotos at my home.Actually we bought this in hear but the colour of the ganesh Murthi is fully faded.Then i came home and again painted fully to the Ganesh Murthy.

Hai friends today i am coming with glass paintings.Today i am showing small design.In india we get separate glass and after painting we used to give for framing.I think here its so expensive.So i bought 1 foto frame for the painting.Ok now lets go to paint.

What do we need:

Photo frame-1(Acc to design)
Design paper-1
Glass paints-All colours(I bought from India)
Brush-1(small brush)
cello tape-1
Chamki and Beads-few
Peacock father-1(i did not get)

First take the photo frame and take out the glass from the frame.

Keep the design under the glass and put the cello tape so that the design wont move.

Now take the liner and remove the cap and put the nozzle to it.So that it comes like line(like cone).

Now trace the out line with the liner.

Keep it aside to dry for 2 hours.

Now fill the colour acc to the design.

Dont squeeze the bottle to come out the bottle.Dont squeeze too much it over flow thw liquid.Squeeze gently.
Now fill the colour one by one after drying each colour.

For shading we have to fill the colour at once.

First apply light colour
then apply dark colour in the dark area .

Now mix it with the brush.

For jewellery i used little glitters and beads.If u want u can fill the colour or we get the glitter liners.We can use it.

For the background we can use the white or colour sheet acc to ur design colours.

But i use the Aluminium foil.

First take the sheet and do like the ball.
Then unfold so it will be differnt look.
Now place it on the back of the glass and fit the frame.

This is baala ganapathi.I did not get the Peacock feather to decorate on head.When i got i will apply it.

Finally the painting looks like this.

Friends i am eagerly waiting for ur valueable comments.Thank You.


  1. The pooja looks divine and the glass painting looks awesome. good work.

  2. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats wonderful post both pooja and painting looks fantastic.. divine.

  3. Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi dear vineela..and great painting there..salutes the effort !!

  4. simply superb nice pooja pic. and so beautifuly painted Ganesha great job.

  5. Vineela,

    Your painting is awesome!! You are so talented.
    Keep up the good work !


  6. Woww wat an awesome painting..looks very cute and divine..

  7. WOW!!! Looks too good and nice step by step instructions... feel like trying...

    Visit my blog sometime at

  8. Hi yaar,

    i ve a tag for u in my blog..plz collect it

  9. Thank u very much Padma.Sure i will visit ur blog.

  10. Thank u very much priya.Sure i will collect it .

  11. Simple and wonderful pooja...Nice step by step instructions...

  12. I wud like to gift u an award,dear...plz collect it frm my blog!

  13. Hi Vineela-I liked this glass painting and would like to know if you can please teach me.

    Bindu, Dallas

  14. Hi Vineela,
    Your painting is very nice. Can you share some design patterns for glass painting? I have just learnt and in the process of making some for my family.


  15. Hi Vineela,

    Your painting is very nice. Can you share some design patterns for glass painting? I have just learnt this art and in the process of making some paintings for my family.


  16. Thank u very much Preethi for ur kind words.Sure will share some pics but i need some time dear because i was busy my in-laws came to visit us.

  17. Hi..,

    Ur works are awesome.. Is it possible for you share us some tracing designs for glass painting..Or kindly tell where did you get that ganesha picture.. :-)

  18. Hai Geethu thank u very much for ur comments.When i get some time i will share the designs.I think i gt this in the internet.

  19. Hi Vineela,

    Painting is excellent. You have very good talent. Keep it up. Keep posting.


  20. Wow! Amazing Vineela....Super painting....

  21. Wow! Amazing and super painting vineela...