Friday, September 25, 2020

How to Clean Messy Greasy Pans

 Hai friends today I am coming with wonderful tip .This is very easy .For this tip for sure we need oven.

Mostly now a days oven is having self clean mode .This tip can work in self clean mode only.

We should not use plastic and steel for this tip .We have to use only aluminum kadai/pots only.

While these pans are in the oven it produces more heat  and smell .Don't worry for the smell. The smell 

comes for sometime .This should be done in the morning only .Don't do during night.

Ok lets go how to do

This is how my greasy pans are

Place the pans upside down on the rack as shown in the pic

Now select the self clean mode

After selecting it shows 5 hours .Select and close the door .The door wont open during self clean

After 5 hours see how clean the pans are .Wait for sometime to cool.

After taking out wipe the pots with water.

Now the pots an pans are clean

Look how clean and shiny they are

Try this tip and let me know the comments