Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to remove stickers on the new vessels.(Tip of the day -5)

Hai friends today I am coming with one more new tip called "How to remove stickers on the new pots or vessels or pan.Some stickers can peel easily but some we cant.Some stickers cant remove then they form stains and it may looks little ugly.Here is the tip useful and comes out clearly


New pan
One tong

How to remove the sticker:

Place the new pan on the burners or stove.

Switch on the burner and heat it .

Within seconds it gets heat.Dont high the heat.It may get burnt.
Its in medium heat.

With the help of tong just slowly remove.

It comes out clearly as shown in the pic.

Hope u all like the tip and use it.

Soon I will come with new tip

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