Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tip of the Day-6(How to clean the burnt pans)

Hai friends today i am coming with one more amazing Tip "How to clean the burnt Pans".I think this is the tip i used a lot.This tip was really amazing it worked well.
Before i dont know about this tip i used to soak the pan in the water for at least for 3 days.Sometimes if it is really burnt hard we used to throw the pan too.

To this we need

Baking Soda-2 tsp
Lemon juice -3 tsp or We can use lemon wedges(pieces)

How to Follow the tip:

First add the baking soda and Lemon juice or lemon wedges.

Then fill the  burnt pan with water.

Put it on the stove and heat it.
Make it boil.

When it starts boil just scrath the pan with laddle or spoon.
Soon the burnt food floats on the pot.

Now off the heat.
Throw the water and clean the rest of the pot with steel puff as shown in the pic.

Clean well with water.

Hope u all like this tip.