Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sonti Podi(Dry Ginger Powder)

Hai friends today i am coming with Sonti Podi.This means dry ginger powder.This is very good for health.This is the recipe from my great grand mother.This they used to give after the delivery and also during winters for every one week my mom gives this rice.She mix this podi with hot rice and lightly add the ghee or oil and she used to give one by one to all my family members.That time we can eat lot nut that we have to take only two to three only.Ok lets go to the rciepe.


Dry ginger(Sonti)-5 to 6 ginger pods
Toor Dal-2 hands ful
Salt to taste


First we have to take the Sonti and make into pieces.

It is very hard so i use this mortal(In telugu we calld it Umman Dasta).

Now place the pan and heat it when it gets heat add the toor dal and fry it until it changes the colour.

When it changes the colour take out and keep it aside.

Now in the same pan add the dry ginger and heat it.It changes the colour immediately
now we get nice aroma.

MAke then cool both ginger and dal.
Take the blender and add the dry ginger ,Dal and litle salt blend it to very fine powder.

Store this is the box and have it.

Mix this podi with hot rice and add little ghee.


  1. Do we get gry ginger in Indian stores in USA? Very good for digestion.

    1. Yes. Its available in California ..by Laxmi brand

  2. Nice podi and true very good for digestion.

  3. Hi Vineela, Just posted slippers tutorial. Just check out if its useful............

  4. Nice one Vineela... isn't the dry ginger powder very strong.... will try it when I find some dry ginger here...

  5. Though I am aware of the recipe, seeing again from you , far away from Mumbai, I was inspired. At the end, this is one of the best for health.

    Subba Rao.

  6. Nice recipe.. thanks for posting..

  7. Very nice podi I just got powder from india I fallow y steps to fry with lentle thanks to technology.