Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chintha Chiguru Podi(Tamarind Leaves Powder)

Hai friends today i am coming with Chinta Chiguru podi.I got this recipe from Hari Chandana.She is very good at traditional recipes.I love all her recipes.Do check her blog to get more and wonderful recipes.I saw this recipe from her and thought that here we dont get this leaves.But one day when i went to Hong Kong Market there i found this leaves i was really very surprised to see this leaves soon i bought this leaves and go through the Chandana blog there i got the recipe and try this.I exactly copy her recipe and want to share with u guys.


Tamarind Leaves -1 cup
Ground nuts-4 tsp
Chana dal-2 tsp
Coriander seeds-2 tsp
Dry red chillies-7 to 8(Acc to taste)
Garlic pods-2
Salt to taste
Oil-1 tsp


First remove the stems of the tamarind leaves and clean well with the water.
Drain the water and make it dry for some time on a plate arranged by a paper.
In the mean time we have to roast the remaining ingredients.
Place the pan and pour the oil and heat it.
When it gets heat add the sliced garlic and fry until the raw smell goes.
Now add the chana dal,ground nuts and fry for 2 minutes.
Finally add the coriander seeds and the chillies and fry all changes the colour to light brown off the heat and make it cool.
Now in the smae pan add the oil and fry the tamarind leaves until it turns to crispy.
remove frrom the heat and make it cool.
Now take both the items,salt and blend together to form nice and yummy powder.
Take this powder in the airtight box and serve hot with steamed rice.

I hopre u all love this recipe.Try this recipe u all will love it.

Note:Instead of fresh leaves we ca use dry leaves.


  1. Tamarind leaves podi looks really good. Vineela.

  2. vineela this podi looks wonderful ..i can feel the taste too ...very new for me ,love to try this soon

  3. Wow dear, that sounds soooooooooooooooo yummy !!! I can taste it right now with warm rice, beautiful step by step pics as well.

  4. Thank u very much Satya.It came out very tasty try this u all love it.

  5. Thank u very much Priya.It came out very tasty try this u all love it.

  6. thats so delicious podi vinee.. me too surprised to see this leaves .. sure will serch he same in some chicneese store too

  7. Interesting podi, never tried this yet..

  8. Vineela ,chintachiguru podi yeppudu tinaledu.
    Looks very delicious.Nice step by step presentation.

  9. This is a nice recipe. We get lots of Indian things in Asian markets.. the only thing is it is hard to find in the huge stores :-(

  10. Yummy and looks wonderful.. I have not tried but tasted it my friends place.. looks soo soo yummy!!!

  11. Hey wowwww chintachiguraaa???/// do u get this here....i just miss it like anythng......i alwaz use to say everyone that v get al types pf leaves except this....but now u are tempting again with ur pics and recipee... chala baundhi leee.....inkaa idhi annam lo kalupukoni thinteee wowwwwwwww......

  12. Do we get fresh leaves in USA? Good one