Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepavali Subhakankshalu------------Cashew Stuffed Gulab Jamun

Hai friends Happy Diwali to all my Blogger friends.I hope u all have safe Diwali.Today is a wonderful day and full of lights.Its full of lights sweet and everything.We really missing the Diwali celebrations.Here there is nothing we really missing the crackers.Today i prepare Gulab Jamuns.Its cashew stuffed Gulabjamuns.This i got from Harichandana.I really got tempted while i saw the pic soon i got into my kitchen and search for all the ingredients.I got everything and give a try.It came out perfect.Here is the recipe.


Instant Gulab jamun mix-1 cup
Cashew-1/2 cup
Sugar-2 cups
Milk-t mix the gulab jamun
Water-1 cup
Elachi powder-1/4 tsp
Saffron-little pinch


For Sugar Syrup:
Take deep bottomed vessel add the sugar water and make it boil when it is boiling add the elachi and saffron and make it boil to half string consistency and switch off the heat.Keep it aside.

For Cashew Paste:

First blend the cahsew.Place the small apan and add the 4 tsp of water and 1 tsp of sugarand make it boil.When its

For Jamuns
First take one bowl and add the Gulab Jamun mix and milk mix like the chapathi dough .
Keep this aside for 15 minutes.
In the mean time we have to heat the oil for deep frying
After 15 minutes take out small amount of dough and make small balla with all of the dough.
Now the oil is ready to fry the jamuns.
Drop one by one into the oil .This should be done in batches and in low heat.
Fry this until the jamuns turns to brown.Soon we have to transfer this balls to the sugar syrup.
Do all the balls like this.
Now the Jamuns should sok in the syrup for 30 minutes.
Serve this on hot or cold.


  1. even I am bookmarking this to make next time

  2. Happy Diwali Vineela. Very nice recipe.

  3. Happy Diwali to you and your family..and the recipe looks yummy..

  4. Wowwww... mouth watering jamoons.. yours looks perfect dear.. amazing step by step photos !!