Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bandar Laddoo(Thokkudu Laddoo) and my 250th post

Hai friends today i am coming with Bandhar Laddoo and also its my 250th post.Its really very happy that i post 250 recipes.Really i came upto this with support of my Family and all of u guys.With this blog also i learned many recipes from all my fellow bloggers also.Its very nice to try new recipes.I really love to cook new recipes.I really enjoy while cooking.Ok lets go to the recipe.

Today i am coming with the Bandhar Laddoo.It is also called as Thokkudu Laddoo.This we can try with both the sugar and Jaggery.But today i tried this with the sugar it came out good.We all love it.This i prepared for one gathering everybody love it.I hope u guys love it.


Besan-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Cashew nuts-1/4th cup(optional)
ELachi little pinch
Ghee-5 tsp
Oil for deep frying
Milk-1/4 th cup(For making Laddoo)


Place the small pan and add the ghee and broken cashew pieces and fry it till gets light bown and keep it aside.

First Making Murukku:

Place oil for deep frying and make it hot.
In the mean time we have to prepare the dough.

Take a bowl and mix besan with water very soft dough as shown in the pic.

Take the dough in the murukku press and fill the press with the dough .
When oil gets heat press the dough into the oil and fry till it gets golden yellow(Be careful and dont fry to brown it shoul be in golden yellow).
Now take out from oil and make it cool.
When it gets cool make it pieces and blend to fine powder.It should be very fine powder.
Keep it aside this powder.

Place the wide pan and add the sugar and 1/4th cup water and make the 3 theard consistency syrup.
Make it boil till it gets the 3 thread consistency.(To know when it gets correct consistency take the bowl of water and add the syrup drops in it.When it forms like ball it correct time for the syrup)
When it is boiling add the elachi powder and the murukku powder,fried cashew nuts and remaining ghee and  mix it well.
Dont heat too much it gets hard.

Terrible Mistake::::: Mine gets little hard so when it gets cool i grind and make it smooth powder.

Now take the powder in the bowl and add little little milk and make ladoos.Do all the powder with that.

Store this in air tight box.

I hope u all love it and give a try.Once again thank u for ur encouragement buddies.