Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marshmallow Pops

Hai friends today i am coming with the "Marshmallow Pops".This is very simple and tasty.As you know the "Valentines Day" is coming.Every body are little busy with making some treats to the loved one.
Today i am sharing one reciepe that is nice to this event or we can prepare for birthdays,baby showers and any parties.Ok lets go the recipe.


Big Marshmallows-1 packet
Candy Melt-1 packet(I use red colour)
Sprinkles-1 box
Lollipop sticks
treat bags-1 packet


First gather all the things.Open every thing.
Take the microwave safe bowl and add the chocolate melt in the bowl.
Now microwave this for 1 minute .
Take out from the oven.
Now take 1 lollipop stick and dip in the chocolate melt and then insert to the marshmallow as shown in the pic.(By dipping in the melt the stick does not move)
Do to all the marshmallow and place them on the pre arranged aluminium tray as shown in the pic.
Now take one of the marshmallow stick and dip in the chocholate and coat the marshmallow completely with the melt and tap it slowly so that extra chocolate fall in the bowl.
Then slowly dip in the sprinkles and coat it as shown n the pic and place it as shown in the pic.
Do all to the marshmallow and place them in the freezer for 1 hour.
Then take out from the fridge and place them on the thermocol sheet or hard foam.
I use the treat bag and decorate like the flower vase as shown in the pic.
I hope u all love it.


  1. talli nee opika ku dandam..nee innovation ki wow..any way nice work..keep rocking..

    1. Thank u very much charitha.Full ga mochestunnavu nannu.

  2. wow.. fantastic.. Nice clicks.. thanks for visiting my site & ur lovely comment dear..

  3. Thank u very much Srikars kitchen.

  4. Am sure all kids will love this ...lovely idea

  5. i love this...totally yummy


  6. Nice treat idea, kids will love it.