Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Avocado Sandwich

Hai friends


Hope u all celebrated the holidays happily.My holidays are little busy with parties.We had good time.Hope u all celebrate new year well.Mine went well.We had good time with my best buddies.
Ok lets go to the recipe.
Today i am coming with healthy,simple and tasty recipe called Avocado Sandwich.
I am sandwich lover.Love to try new sandwiches.Mostly i tried different types of spreads.Today i am coming with new spread its different variety of dijon mustard.Its little spicy.Ok lets go to the recipe


Bread (Wheat)-4
Salt to taste
Pepper powder little
butter to spread
Dijon Mustard to spread
Tomato slices few(you can use cucumber and onions too)


First cut the avocado  into half.Then take out the seed.
 Make a slits as shown in the pic.
Scoop of the slices of the avocado as shown in the pic.
Cut the tomato into slices.


 Take this spread and apply on the bread.

 Arrange the avocado slice as shown in the pic.
 Sprinkle the salt and pepper.
 Arrange the tomato slices as ashown in the pic
 Cover the covered bread with butter(Missed the pic)
 Take the panini maker and toast the bread.

 Here the sandwich is ready.
 Cut the sandwich into half and serve it with fresh juice.

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