Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink(Organize 1)

Hai friends today i am coming with one useful post.How to organize under the Kitchen Sink.I am little organized in the house.
I love to organize the stuff which make life little easy and it looks nice.
Its not easy when we start the organization.It takes some time to organize everything.
Now a days i am spending lot of time to organize my entire house.
Finally i get a chance to take pictures to share with you all.
Ok lets see how i organize

What we need:

Stackable bins-3(I used dollar tree bins)
Wide basket -1
(We can use stackable bins from container store too)
I did my own lables at home.

How to do:

I take everything out first and arrange the bins as shown in the pic.
In one bin i kept only scrubs.
In another one i kept only freshners
In the top bin i kept handwashing liquids.

In wide basket i kept the cleaning liquids,dishwashing liquid,dishwasher tablets ,wipes .
In the next side all cleaning stuff in one basket.
Next to this grocery bags in one place grocery bag holder.(This i bought from Ikea)
Next to that Swiffer floor wiper.
To the doors i stick Some command hooks(This i bought from Dollar tree)
To this i hang the duster,Bottle cleaner and Gloves.

I hope u all like it how i arrange the under the sink Cabinet.I hope u do that too.
Soon i will come with more organizing stuff.

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