Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to organize Drinkware and serving Ware

Hai friends,

Today i am coming with one most useful post"How to Organize Drink ware and Serving ware".
I like to organize everything.I mostly tried in every room.
My serving set is white in color.During my housewarming party its really coincidenced i got all my kitchen stuff in white color.I am very happy.
I like to have glass doors in my kitchen so that my drink ware can be see through.I like different colors of drink ware but no luck.But still i tried my level best on drink ware too.
Here are the pics how i arranged.

For this we need plate organizer.We get these in HomeGoods,Ross and Walmart.

I got the plate organizer for best deal in Walmart.

These cup organizer i bought in dollar tree.We can get in Walmart too for the best price.
 For glass organizing i bought this in HomeGoods and Ross.

 I hope u all like it and organize your kitchen,