Thursday, December 19, 2019

DIY Hot Chocolate Sticks

Hai friends today  I am coming with different recipe called"DIY Hot chocolate Sticks".During winter it tastes very very yummy in the cold weather.Having Hot chocolate and watching tv is the best combo.This is perfect for Holidays  and for the Parties.
These are instant version of Hot Chocolate Mix.Just dip in the Hot milk and stir.
We can make these sticks at home and give to our friends and families.Homemade gifts are always the best gift.
I enjoy making homemade stuff.We can make this diy with kids.Take kids help while making simple diy homemade gifts.They will have fun.

Ok lets go the recipe


Semi Sweet Chocolate chips-2 packs
White chocolate chips-1 pack
Marshmallow small-1 pack
Cocoa Powder-4 tsp
Wooden spoons/Popsicle sticks/Plastic spoons
Cup cake liners-1 pack/Silicon moulds/Ice cube Tray



Take semi Sweet chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl.Place it in the oven and melt it for 1 minutes.

If it doesn't melt heat again for 30 more seconds.

Now the chocolate melt is ready.

To this add the coco powder and mix it well without any lumps.Keep this aside.

White Chocolate:

Take white chocolate chips in the microwave safe bowl.Place in the oven and melt it.

Mix it well.Now the white chocolate melt is ready.


I used both ice cube tray and cupcake liners.

First take the spoon full of  chocolate mixture  and  pour in the ice cube tray .Fill half with chocolate and other half with white chocolate.

Now place the popsicle stick in the middle as shown in the pic.

Finally add the mini marshmallows on the tray as shown in the pic.(here we can add the candy cane pieces too)

Do same with the cupcake liner as shown in the pics.

Place the both the trays in the fridge for 1 hour.

After 1 hour take out from fridge and leave it aside for 5 minutes.

Then gently pull the stick.The hot chocolate comes out easily.

Same with cup cake liner.Gently peel the liner.It comes out easily.

Now decorate as shown in the pic.

Now the DIY Hot Chocolate Sticks are ready.

How to serve and Enjoy.

Take hot  milk .Dip the stick directly in the milk and stir it well.
It completely melts and now the hot chocolate is ready to enjoy.

Happy Holidays.

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