Monday, May 18, 2009

Spinach Mango Pakoda

Hai friends how r u guys?Welcome back to the another week.During weekend i was bit busy with some shopping like groceries and also some gifts.Y bcos my daughter's second birthday is coming.We r planning to do party in my house so for that little shopping.Lets go to the recipe.On friday i saw one recipe on "Maa Voori Vanta".I love the recipe so the next minute i decided to do that dish.When my hubby came from office he is very excited to eat the dish.he too love it.Its nothing but Pakoda.Now lets go to the recipe.

Raw Mango-1
Spinach-2 cup
Besan-1/2 cup
Rice flour-3/4 cup
baking soda-1 tsp
Pudina paste-1 tsp(we can use fresh leaves)
Coriander paste-1 tsp
salt to taste
Chilli powder-1/2 tsp
Chilli Ginger paste-1 1/2 tsp
Oil for deep frying

First grate the mango.chop the onions and spinach.

In a bowl add mango,spinach,onions,pudina paste,coriander paste,salt,chilli powder,baking soda,chilli ginger paste and mix it well.
Now add both the flours rice flourand besan.Mix it well.
Now add little water to it make like thick dough (If it like watery it absorbs more oil).
Now place the the deep frying pan pour the oil and heat it.When it gets heat drop the pakoda paste one by one.
Deep fry until it changes to brown colour. Now take them out and place on the paper.So that it absorbs the oil.
This we can serve with tomato sauce or we can eat directly.
Serve it hot.

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  1. Wow looks great! Yummy n crunchy pakodas.. Perfect one for the event. This is so unique and a new one for me :) Also advance birthday wishes for your daughter :)

  2. Thank u Pooja.Thanx for the wishes also.

  3. And regarding your doubt abt Gamboge-Gamboge is dried tamarind pieces. These are soaked in water for few minutes and added along with the solution to the gravy. You may use tamarind paste instead. Gamboge is usually used in Kerala style seafood preparations to impart the authentic flavour.

  4. Spinach and Mango sounds like a new combo... Vadas look yummy and tasty!!! great entry for the event!!!

  5. Thank u pooja for ur reply.That word is new to me.Thank u very much.

  6. Its new to me also.This recipe i got from TV program.On friday they telecast this recipe.Its really tasty.

  7. thanks for a nice recipe vineela,something very interesting with spinach and raw mango is a nice addition too..

  8. New and delicious pakodas, look yum!
    Wishing ur little one a very happy birthday in advance. May you all have a nice time together:).

  9. Thank u sowmya.try this recipe u love it.

  10. Its really nice recipe dear.Thank u very much for ur lovely wishes to my little one .Thank u very much vishali.

  11. Wow...Crispy, crunchy pakodas..i wish i have it noww..

  12. Thank u renuka for ur lovely comment.

  13. Hey Vineela..first time to ur blog.This is a nice one...crunchy munchy recipe:)yummy:)

  14. Wow nice and different combo .. interesting recipe should try out imme

  15. Thank u pavitra.Its tasty snack should try.

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  17. Hai i could not find those two posts.What happened y all the recipes got disappeared.I really missed ur recipes bcos this tuesday i am planning to bake black forest from ur recipe.But i missed.When i am opening ur site it is closing.

  18. Hi Vineela thanks a lot for supporting me in this issue. I dont know why my page went blank but I fixed one issue.The problem was with the customized feed that I created using feedburner to let readers subscribe. The google reader then took this feed instead of the defualt one. But the feed that I created overflowed and hence stopped indexing and hence my updates were no longer visible! Maybe this caused the page to close too! Hope you are able to view it without any prob now :)