Friday, April 1, 2011

Corn chips

Hai friends how r u guys.Today i am coming with simple ,best and tasty chips called "Corn Chips".This is very easy to prepare at home and fresh.We can add different types of spices according to our taste.This goes nice with the salsa ,Hummus and dips.Ok lets go to the recipe


Corn Tortillas-6(U can use pita bread also)
Garlic powder-1 tsp(U can use any spices according to ur taste)
Pepper-1/4 tsp -1/2 tsp
olive oil-2 to 3 tsp


First take out the tortillas and cut with the pizza cutter as shown in the pics.Keep it aside for baking.
Arrange the alumium sheet to the baking tray.


Preheat the oven to 400F.
Take the tray and place the tortilla pieces on the tray and arrange it side by side(Dont overlap ).
Now add the oil and the oil must be coated to all the tortilla pieces .
Now sprinkle  both the Garlic and pepper powder to the tortilla pieces and mix it well.
Now bake this for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes take out from oven and serve hot with the Salsa and Hummus.

Recipe for Hummus

U can use both Tortilla and Pita bread also.
We can add different spices like taco seasoning,Cajan spice it gives nice taste.
This we have to prepare small bathces if tortillas  are overlapping they cant bake properly.
We can cut the shapes we want like daimonds,squares,strips like that.

Soon come with Salsa.


  1. Very innovative just looks like the packet one. Awesome try.

  2. Looks like yummy yummy...Good one akka..:)

  3. Wow...didnt even strike to me that we can make it at home.

  4. Those chips looks wonderful..

  5. Looks so crispy- perfect with guacamole :)

    US Masala

  6. ummmmmmlove to eat itgreat to eat while watching world cup tomr

  7. too gud idea dear,sure will try this...luks very crips.

  8. wow...
    looks crispy and delicious dear :)

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