Monday, October 24, 2011

Onion Masala(For stuffing)

Hai friends how r u guys?I hope all r doing good.Now-a-days i am not feeling well so cant post the recipes frequently still not feeling well but posting the recipes from draft.I really missing all the recipes.Now i am dng good .

Ok lets go to the recipe.This is the onion masala which is used for stuffing like samosa,Puffs,Buns ,spring rolls and also for the rolls.Sometimes i used to prepare the day before and preserve this curry for the next day and it makes me easy to prepare the puffs rolls etc.Ok lets go to the recipe


Turmeric little pinch
Salt to taste
Chilli powder-Acc to ur taste
Oil-1 tsp
Curry leaves few


First peel the skin and cut the onion like thin lenthwise and keep it aside.


Place the pan and heat it.When it gets heat add the oil.
When oil gets heat add the sliced onions and turmeric mix it well.
Fry this until the onion changes to light brown.
To this add the salt ,chilli powder and the chopped curry leaves mix it well.
Finally take in the bowl.

Note:We can prepare this curry and we can preserve this curry.

If we want to add the ginger garlic paste to this curry while in cooking.

Soon will come with the Puffs.


  1. simple and delicious masala..

  2. onion masala stuffing looks perfect and delicious.wish you and your family a happy and prosperous Diwali.