Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to prepare ghee from butter

Hai friends today i am coming  with one of the useful recipe to the all ages called "Ghee".We used this many recipes sweets,biryani curries and also mostly we used in the pooja.We also used in many home remedies.Its very easy to prepare the ghee from the butter.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Unsalted Butter-2 packs


Unwrap the butter and cut it into pieces.


Take the heavy bottomed pan and add the unsalted  butter pieces in it and heat it.We have to heat this in low temperature.So that it wont get burnt.
Slowly the butter starts to melt.After some time all the butter melts.Even after the butter gets melt it should be eat in low heat.
After sometime it starts to form  a foam layer on top.
We have to stir continously the melted butter not to burnt for 30 minutes.
Later the foam gots evaporated and the milk solids go to the bottom.
When the milk solids go to the bottom the butter turns to transparent.
Her we have to off the heat otherwise the butter got burnt.And the ghee itself had some heat.
Make it cool and drain the ghee to remain the milk product on the strainer.
Make it cool and store in the dry and clean jar.
The ghee is ready.

We have to use""""""" Unsalted butter""""""""".
We have to use"""""""heavy bottomed pan""""""".
We have to heat in the """"""low hwat""""""""".
We have to """"""""""Stir continously""""""''.