Monday, April 15, 2013

Simple Egg Sandwich

Hai friends today i am coming with simple and tasty Sandwich called Egg Sandwich.Its very easy to prepare.When ever one hard boiled is leftover i used to prepare this sandwich.I saw this recipe from my fellow blogger.The next day i tried it we really love it.Ok lets go to the recipe


Hard boiled egg-1
Wheat bread slices-4
Mayonaisse-1 /2 tsp
Pepper to taste
salt very little


First mash the egg with the fork and add mayonaise,pepper salt mix it well.
Now place the bread in the bread toaster and toast the bread.

When the bread toast is done spread the egg mixture on the bread slice .
Place the another bread slice on it and serve it with juice.
If u like to have the sandwich in bite size u can cut it.


  1. OMG its so easy and simple to make..look so delicious i'll definatly try this soo...i love sandwich...please dear share more office/lunch sandwich idea with roobi

  2. One of my fav sandwich..drooling here.

  3. my fav sandwich,very healthy breakfast...