Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hai friends how r u all guys.This weekend my husband is busy with his work.So we r not gng to anywhere.Just i am staying in home and watching movies.This week for me it is very horrible bcos we did not get water for 2 days.Its really horible.In India we have many options we can bring water from neighbours house with buckets.Here we cant.Any way now the problem solved.Now i learned one lesson to keep some water bottles and fill the water in buckets.If the curent is gone here we cant do anything here.We have to keep some candles and flash lights available.If we have grill we can prepare some food.We have to keep some ready to eat foods also.If u guys have any ideas about this we can share your ideas.Ok lets go to the reciepe.

Today i am coming with Guacamole.This is mexican dish.This we can eat in Chipotle.Those who are vegetarians u guys can try this.Those who dont know about this you can try this.This is prepared with Avacado.It is very healthy veg.This we cant eat directly.It can be eat by adding some spices or lemon and salt.guacamole was originally made by mashing ripe avocados, with a molcajete (mortar and pestle) and adding tomatoes and salt. After the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, guacamole became popular in Spain. The name guacamole comes from an Aztec dialect via Nahuatl āhuacamolli, from āhuacatl (="avocado") + molli (="sauce").
Ok lets go to the recipe.

Ripe Avacadoes-3
Green chillies-3 to 4(Acc to ur taste)
Pepper acc to ur taste
Coriander leaves few
Olive oil-1 tspGarlic-3 pods
Tomato-1(I did not add in this recipe but u can add )
Salt to taste

First chop the onions,garlic,green chillies and also the coriander.
I bought one chopper from India.This we dont need powder.Its man powder only.Its like coconut grater.
First add the Garlic and green chillies in the chopper and chop it.
Now chop the onions into chunks and this in the chopper and chop it.

Take all the chopped ingredients in one bowl.Now add the pepper,salt,lemon,coriander one by one .
Now take the avacado and this to the bowl and mash it with potato masher or u can use fork.Add the lemon juice.
Now add the olive oil also.Mix it well.Take this with tortilla chips.Note:To this we have to add the lemon juice and salt compulsory otherwise the avacado changes the colour to very dark and it looks spoil.
Look at this link u can get detailed recipe for guacamole.
I think u all guys like this.


  1. Mmmmm... Looks yummmm... very new recipe to me... lovely snaps.. perfect presentation.. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing it with us... Best wishes...!!!

  3. Da Ponnu,
    Don't worry i will give u 1bucket water...
    Tnx a lot dear for sharing this mexican dish...

  4. nice recipe vineela. i will prepare it in my home.

  5. Thank u jyothi.Try it u will love it.