Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to cook Pasta(Basic)

Hai friends today i am coming with thw basic preparation of "How to cook pasta".This is very simple and easy to prepare.Pasta came Italy cuisine.It is also traditional for Italy.When i went to Italy i saw lot of varities of Pasta and icecreams.I really enjoy the pasta and pizza.There i love the thin crust pizza its very tasty and easy to eat.Coming to pasta there are various variety shapes of pasta.Children enjoy them even me too.Ok lets go to the process


Penne paste-1 cup
Water-6 cups
Salt to taste
Olive oil-1 tsp(u can use any oil)


 Place flat bottomed pan and add the water ,salt and oil.

Make it boil.
When it starts to boil add the pasta and give a stir(so that it dont stick together)

Cook this for 10 to 15 minutes.
Then pour in the colander and add some cold water and oil.

Now the pasta id ready to prepare what ever u want.

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