Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hai friends today i am coming with the nice sweet called "Rasgullas"This is famous  bengali sweet.
No one can beat this bengali rasgulla.This is one of my favourite sweet.I cant resist when i saw the rasgullas tin.U know i can eat whole tin of sweets.Now u know that this is my favourite sweet.When i went to bhubaneswar in breakfast they offer this sweet.Its really heaven when having that sweet.ok i dont bore u guys lets go to the recipe.


milk-4 cups
sugar-1 cup
elachi-2 to 3
water-5 cups
lemon juice-2 to 3 tsp or curd-2 tsp


sugar-1 cup
Water -2 1/2 cups


How to make Syrup
Take heavy bottomed pan add the sugar and water.
Make it boil as we make for gulab jamun.

When the syrup is done keep it aside.


First take 2 cups of milk and make it boil.
To this add the 2 tsp of yogurt to  the boiling milk and mix it immediately .
Within a minute the  milk curdles.
As soon as it curdles turn off the heat and drain it on the muslin cloth.

Now we get the paneer.
Now take the dry cloth and put the paneer in the cloth

Rub it along with the dry cloth so it take the excess water and makes nice paneer dough.

or u can take the paneer and mash with ur fingers.

now the dough looks like this.

with that paneer dough we have to prepare the rasgullas

How to make rasgullas

Take the heavy bottomed pan and add 1 cup sugar to that add 5 cups of water make it boil .

Now to the boiling sugar syrup add all the rasgullas at once .
After adding all close the lid and boil for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes it doubles the size

Now turn of the heat and take slowly to the another bowl with the syrup and make it cool.

Now add the rasgullas in the sugar syrup that we prepared before.

Soak this rasgullas in the syrup for 4 hours and keep it in the fridge.

After that we can serve it and have chilled Rasgullas.



  1. Perfectly made rasgullas Vineela. Looks very delicious.
    Wishing you and family a very happy and prosperous Diwali dear!

  2. Dear Vineela, I would like to suggest you to check your comment box. It asks for word verification, which is not clickable easily (something wrong with space). I tried multiple times for the comments. If possible you can change the settings. Please check it by logging out and commenting in your own blog.Sorry for the trouble. Sincerely I wanted to comment in your space:) Have a nice day dear.

  3. Rasgullas look so tempting and its one of my favorite sweet. Subh Diwali wishes to u and ur family