Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Carve Watermelon fruit Basket

Hai friends today i am coming nice carving called Watermelon fruit carving.This is my first carving and it came out good.This i prepared in my friends daughter 16th birthday party and it was a great success.Then my little one asked to do this carving on her party too.I did it and made some changes.She loved it.To fill the basket i scooped the melon and fill the basket.Ok lets see how to carve the basket

What we need:

WaterMelon(One side of the melon should be little flat)
Sharp knife
Melon Baller

Lets Start

First place the melon and trace the design with the marker.
Then cut the melon carefully with the knife.

 Cut the melon vertically on both sides as shown in the pic.

Using the sharp knife cut the flesh of the watermelon fron the inside of the watermelon.

Then scoop the melon with the melon baller completely.

Now the plain basket is ready then i did zig zag with the help of small knife.

Finally the basket is ready.
Finally fill the basket with  melon,sugar melon and cantaloupe,berries and grapes too.
Decorate with some pudina too.
Finally the melon basket is ready.
I hope u all like it.

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