Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Spicy Dhaniya Powder(Good with rice)?Dhaniya Podi

Hai friends today i am coming with "Dhaniya Podi.This is very simple and easy tto prepare.This goes nice with rice.I really love this podi.Whenever i dont have more curries then i mix this with rice and have it.All the rice goes with this podi.I prepare this podi in more quantity and store it.During rainy season this is very nice rice.Ok lets go to the recipe


Dhaniya Seeds/Coriander seeds-1 cup
Jeera/Cumin-1/2 cup
Dry red chillies-10 to 12(required to taste)
Tamarind-Small lemon size (As shown in the pic)
Salt to taste


First take big pan and heat it.
Dry roast the dhaniya seeds,jeera and dry red chillies one by one.

Keep them aside and make it cool.

Now take the dhaniya,jeera,dry chillies,tamarind,garlic and salt.

Blend it to fine powder.
Store it in the dry jar.
Serve it with hot steamed rice with little oil.
Have it .

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  1. Nice and flavourful podi.. dhaniya is supposed to be good for health.