Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to organize Handbag and Whats in my bag

Hai friends today i am coming with "How to organize your handbags".I love to organize everything in my house.It really makes me very happy.Even in my bag also I organize.It really helps me to keep everything  easy to access.
 I will come with more organizing posts.I hope it helps you .
I love backpack kind of bags so its very easy for me to hold.

Here is my Handbag.This is Betsy Johnson Bag.
To the handle i hang the hand sanitizer which is easy access,

This is how it look like.
 Here goes how i organize my bag.
 One more pic.

Here are the list of the things in my Bag.

Make up Bag
Medical Kit
Water bottle
Cooling Glassess
Hand Lotion
Flash Light
PensGift Card Organizer.
This is my Medical kit bag.
I used to carry Advil,Saridon,Alcohol Wipes,BandAid,Mosquito repellent.

This is my Makeup Bag.
In my bag i have  Talcum powder,wipes,mirror,Safety pins,Hair Ties,Powder puff,Bindi too.
These are compulsory i used to carry in my Bag.I hope u all like this post.
If u like i will come with more of these kind of Posts.

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