Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maida Chips(all purpose flour)

Hey this is also another tea time snack.Most of the kids like it if we prepare this is different shapes.but i would like to prepare regular shape only.I mostly prefer spicy maida chips only.Here i s the recipe.


All purpose Flour - 2 cups(Maida)
Chilli Powder -1 Tsp
Salt -1 Tsp
Ajwain-2 Tsp
Hing-very little
Turmeric pwd-1/4 tsp
Butter -2 Tsp
Curry leaves - few
Oil - For deep frying
Water - Enough to knead the dough

Note:Adding ajwain it easily digest.It is also good for children.Dont add too much it gives bitter taste.

Now take the bowl add all dry ingredients and whisk it .Chop the curry leaves.Now add the butter in the same bowl and mix it to the flour.Slowly add the water and make like the chapathi dough.Keep it aside for 5 min.

The dough should be like this.Now divide the dough into 4 balls and make chapathi's.By using knife cut them like daimond shape.

Now take the deep frying pan place it on the stove top.pour oil in it make it hot after it turns to heat now drop the daimond shape chips in it.when it turns to golden brown color take them from oil and place on the paper to absorb the oil.make it cool and then store in the air tight box.They taste good for 15 days.

Hey here the maida chips.They are ready to eat.


  1. Good post ... In bengali we call it Nimki..we just add salt , oil , kala jeera to maida ..

  2. Thank u manidipa.My husband loves little spicy so we add chilli powder.

  3. awesome dear..i would luv to try this 1 out....