Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tomato Jantikalu(Tomato Murukkulu)

sHai friends today i am coming with the Tomato Jantikalu.I am very found of Tomatoes.One day Sailaja postedd this recipe i really love it like it a lot.Last week i remember this recipe and give a try it came out good.So want to share with u guys.Here is the recipe.


Besan-1 cup
Rice flour-1 cup
chilli powder-1 tsp(U can use acc to ur taste)
Salt to taste
Butter-3 tsp
Hing-1/8 tsp
Jeera-1 tsp


First clean the tomatoes and cut into chunks.
Take the blender and add the tomato chunks and little water in the jar and blend it to puree.
Now cook this puree for 10 minutes on stove top or put in the microwave.(i use microwave).
After 10 minutes the puree becomes to 1/2 cup.Now make it cool and keep it aside.
In the mean time we have to mix all the dry ingredients.
Take big bowl and add the besan,rice flour,chilli powder,salt,hing,jeera one by one.
Whisk it well and add the tomato puree and butter and mix well like the chapathi dough which is firm.(I f the puree is not enough to mix u can add the water)

Place the oil for deep frying.When the oil gets heat take the required amount of dough in the murukku press and gently press in the oil now the oil comes like bubbles now cook this murukku until it changes to light brown.
When it is cooked completely take it out and transferred to the paper on the plate which absorbs excess oil.
Do all the dough like this.
Now take this Jantikallu in the air tight box and have it during evening with Tea.
I hope u all like this.


  1. Mmmmmmm,interesting murukku,would love to try and enjoy the tomato flavor.

  2. Try this Ms.Chitchat u love the murukku.

  3. wow jantikalu looks perfect crisp n delicious ...yummy

  4. tomato murukku looks really good, beautiful picture...

  5. wow wat a recipe....great dear...very innovative of you!!!!!!!!!

  6. Crispy murukkus looks fabulous..

  7. Tomato jantikalu chala bagunnayi.Must have been very delicious.

  8. yummy chakralu..drooling my mouth

  9. Nice to hear that you loved it.Came out great........

  10. Wow Vineela! Never heard of this. What a unique way of making murukulu!

  11. Wow, that is such a nice one, I love the addition of tomato in it :)

  12. Looks great i love tomato flavors.. this looks yumm...

  13. Wow, never heard of tomato flavored murukku until now..very creative of you, vineela. perfect yummy snack.

    Aaha Oho