Friday, January 6, 2012

How to make Moong Sprouts

Hai friends today i am coming with the 'Moong Sprouts'.This is very healthy and very easy to prepare.This we can eaten as  raw or  cooked .This can eaten as breakfast,lunch or snack.We can prepare soups,curries,rice and snack with this.I really love all the recipes with this.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Whole Moong Dal-2 cups


Take the moong dal in the bowl and clean well with water.
Drain the water and add more water to soak the dal overnight.
The next day the dal gets double in size.
Now drain all the water and add all the beans in the colander to drain excess water.
Later  place all the dal on the dry and clean towel or muslin cloth.
Make a knot with the towel and place them in the dark place and keep it rest for overnight or 8 hours.
The next open the towel and we can see the sprouts.
Now ready to eat.

Note :

We can prepare sprouts with kidney beans,chick peas,black eyed beans.