Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kobbari Kova Kajjikayalu for New Year

Hai friends first of all

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my bloggers.This year should be good and peace to all.I hope u guys are having nice blast this year end and welcome with colourful to new year.This picture was taken by my new camera.
On occasion of new year today i am coming with nice and tasty sweet "Kobbari Kova Kajjikayalu".
This is the first time I tried this sweet and it came out good really we all love this sweet for this New Year.Ok lets go to the recipe.


For dough
Maida-1 cup
Butter-4 tsp
Water-1/2 cup

For stuffing:
Ghee-2 tsp
Grated coconut-3/4 cup
Condensed Milk-3/4 cup
Elachi-1/8th tsp

For Syrup
Sugar-1/2 cup - 3/4 cup
Water-3/4th cup

Dough :

Take a deep bowl  and add flour , butter at room temperaure or ghee. Mix it well and form like a crumble texture.
Mix the dough by keep adding a little quantity of water until the dough gets firm. Cover the dough and keep aside for an hour.

Stuffing :

Place the pan on stove on medium heat. Add ghee ,grated coconut and crushed cardamom, mix it continously on medium heat.
When coconut loses the raw smell add condensed milk and stril it well until the mix gets Kova texture.
Turn off the heat and keep it aside so that the stuffing cools off. Now make balls of this kova mix.

Make the dough also into balls an hour after the dough is kept aside as mentioned above.


Take the pan pour the sugar and pour and boil it until it comes string consistency.

When it comes to string consistency keep it aside.


Roll the dough balls using a rolling pin just like puri.
Fold the dough disk into half and place the coconut stuffing and cover the disc and seal the stuffing as shown in the video.Now do it all and keep it aside.

In this video u can watch how to fold the kajjikayalu

Now pour the oil in the deep frying pan and heat it.
When it gets heat now slowly drop the kajjikayalu into the oil and fry it turns to golden colour.
Now take out from oil with the laddle and place them on the plate arranged with the paper to absorb excess oil.Now do all the same to remaining kajjikayalu.
After frying the kajjikayalu now drop them them in the sugar syrup and coat them evenly.Do one by one and take out from the syrup and place them on the rack or on the plate.

After sometime the kajjikayalu gets cool and they are ready to eat.Its really Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


If the syrup gets thick we have to heat it again by adding the little water and bring it to the string consistency.
If we got excess dough remaining we can make another snack as shown in the pic


  1. wow looks yummy & delicious and Happy new year .......

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  5. Thank u very much Kalyani and Thank u same to u.

  6. Thank u and same to u.And also thanks for the comments.

  7. Happy New Year and thank u very much Priya.

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