Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Home Remedy for cough and sore throat

Hai friends today i am coming with simple and useful tip for Cough.This is very simple to prepare and good for everybody.This we can give for toddlers.The children who are above one year we can mix this with the milk and give the kids.This is very helpful.




First clean the ginger well with water.
Peel the skin and make it into pieces.
Now place them in the mortar and pestle and crush it.(or u can put in the blender)
Now take the crushed ginger in the hands and squeeze it the juice will come out.
Now take the juice in the small cup or that i use in the pic(We call it Gokuru in Telugu)
Add half of quantity of honey to the ginger juice and mix it well.
Give this to kids or elders in the morning after the brushing the teeth.
After taking this honey ginger we have to wait for 30 minutes and then we have tea or milk.
This gives nice relief to mucus in the troat ,sore throat and cough.


We should not take daily.
We have to take alternate days when it was severe.
For kids we can give it for every 15 days.
We can use the remaining crushed ginger in the tea.

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