Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Badam Burfi

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On behalf of new year today i am coming with nice sweet called Badam Burfi.This is very yummy and tasty sweet.Everybody love this sweet.I am not a fan for burfi's but my husband and daughter love this sweet.For them i prepared this sweet.Its very simple to prepare but need little patience while mixing.Ok lets go to the recipe


Almonds/Badam-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Milk-1/2 cup
Water -1/2 cup
Elachi powder little
Ghee-1 tsp
Saffron for garnish
Almond chopped -2 tsp


Method 1:First soak the badam in hot water for 20 minutes .
After 20 minutes we can peel the skin.

Method 2:Soak the badam overnight and then peel the skin.

Take the flat pan and grease with the ghee and keep it aside.


Now add this peeled badam in the jar blend it to smooth paste by adding the milk.
Now the paste is ready.Keep it aside
Place the deep bottomed pan and add the sugar and water .
Mix it well till the sugar completely dissolves.
To this  add the elachi and bring it to boil till the syrup gets to double string.(To know take the water in abowl and add the syrup soon it forms the shape)
To this add the grinded paste and ghee till the paste changes to dough as shown in the pic(here we have to mix it continously by scratching the sides and mix well)
Transfer this paste soon to the greased pan and  smooth the surface with evenly bottom vessel.
Sprinkle the chopped nuts and saffron.
Now cut it into daimonds or which shape u like.
Serve it.