Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cranberry and Mango Chutney

Hai friends today i am coming with the Cranberry and Mango Chutney.This i saw in the google search i really love this and give a try.I really enjoy the chutney.Love to have with plain steamed rice.

The  Raw cranberries are a source of polyphenol antioxidants.Cranberries have been making a lot of health news recently – it seems they are good for almost everything! This is great for low carbers, because they pack a lot of nutrition, fiber, and flavor into a package without many carbohydrates. Half a cup of whole cranberries has 4 grams of effective carbohydrate, plus 2 grams of fiber, 1/3 of which is soluble (the soluble fiber is what makes the “gel” when you cook cranberries).

 Antioxidants: In study after study, cranberries are coming out at or near the top of the antioxidant heap. They are particularly rich in polyphenols, and have a lot of other helpful phytochemicals as well. These chemicals probably explain some of the studies showing cranberries' health benefits, including:
  • Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections (tehy are antibacterial and also keep bacteria from “sticking” to the inside of the bladder and ureters).
  • Similar effects in the GI tract – help prevent bacteria from causing food-borne illness.
  • Similar effects in the mouth – may help prevent tooth decay by discouraging bacteria and preventing them from “sticking”.
  • Prevention of the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which may help prevent atherosclerosis.
  • Improves blood vessel function in people with atherosclerosis.


Cranberries-1 cup
Mango chopped-1/2 cup
Oil-1 tsp
Turmeric- little pinch
Salt to taste
Chilli powder-1/2 tsp (Acc to ur taste)
Mustard powder-1/4 th tsp
Fenugreek powder-1/8th tsp
Jaggery-1 tsp


Clean well the cranberries with water and cut each cranberry into half.
Cut all the cranberries and keep it aside.


Place the pan and heat it.
When it gets heat add the oil and heat it.
To this add the cranberries and the chopped mangoes and mix it well.
Add the turmeric and cook this till  the cranberries and mangoes get cooked well.
After 5 minutes the cranberries and mangoes are done and salt,fenugreek powder,Mustard powder,chilli powder,jaggery and mix it well.
Cook for 1 minutes and off the heat and keep it aside.
Now add the tadka (Talimpu)to the chutney and mix it well.
Serve it with hot steamed rice or to dosa.


  1. Very innovative, love the rich color of nature, nice clicks too, bookmarked

    1. Thank u very much Ms.Chitchat.Try u going to love it.

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  4. Slurp,yummylicious and tongue tickling chutney.

  5. Very nice pickle ....mouthwatering clicks! yummy!

  6. I have tried with cranberry alone, never tried this combo.