Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gulab Jamun(Instant Packet)

Hai friends today i am coming with nice dessert called Instant Gulab Jamuns.Its very popular sweet in India.All people love this sweet.This can be prepared with koya or milk powder.This is the best and easy sweet.This can be served as hot or cold.This can be served with Vanilla Ice cream too.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Gulabjamum Instant packet-1
Sugar -Approximately 2 cups
Elachi powder-1/2 tsp
Saffron-little pinch
Milk -That required to mix the dough
Ghee-2 tsp


Sugar syrup:Combine sugar and water in a flat bottomed broad pan and make it boil in a low heat until sugar dissolves .This should boil for 5 minutes.

Add elachi powder and saffron to the sugar syrup and mix it well.Keep this aside.

 Make sure it is near to where you are deep frying Jamuns. You want to make it easy to drop the jamuns directly into the syrup.


Take a bowl and add the instant jamun mix and mix it well with required amount of milk.

Make smooth dough  and rest this aside for 5 minutes(Cover the dough)
Now apply ghee to hands and take some small size dough and make a ball.

Do all the dough like this and keep it aside.
Place the oil for deep frying.(The oil should not burn)

When the oil gets heat drop the balls slowly and fry until it turns to light golden brown.

 Heat oil and fry the gulab jamuns in medium heat so that the inside of the gulab jamun will also get cooked well. Keep stirring it gently for even cooking and browning. Remove with a slotted ladle when it becomes dark brown in color.
Now take out from the oil and drop in the sugar syrup.
Let all the Gulab jamuns remain soaked in the sugar syrup for 1 hour. It can be served hot or cold.

Serve it Hot or cold.


  1. I just love it and u have done it so perfectly.. i can have it any time of the day..

  2. Very handy and quick to make jamuns,my pantry will always have a instant packet.

  3. Send me some gulab jamuns dear...they look very cute and delicious.