Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vietnam Spring roll

Hai friends today i am coming with the Vietnam spring roll.Its very easy to prepare and tasty.I hope u love this recipe.Its very simple to prepare.This tastes good with the sauce.I try this with fruits and for fruits i prepare yogurt dip.It is very easy to prepare and its very healthy.I saw this recipe in food network.I followed Gaida's recipe.Her recipes are very simple and healthy to. Ok lets go to the recipe.


Vietnam Rice Paper-6(This we can get in the china or hong kong market)
Spring Onions few
Fish fry pieces-6
Rice noodles-1/2 cup(optional)
Note:U can use fresh lettuce or spinach this tastes good.
U can use sprouts that we get in the Hong Kong Market.


First we have to cleaan the vegetables cut the vegetables into strips.
Cut all the vegetables and keep it aside.


Take some luke warm water in the plate and place the rice paper on it for few seconds the paper become soft.
Immediatly remove from water and place it on another plate.
Place some cooked fish pieces ,cut vegetables,spring onions ,some fresh leaves like lettuce or spinach and cooked rice noodles .
Now wrap it like the spring roll as shown in the picture.
Serve this with the peanut sauce or the fish oil sauce.


Use luke warm water so that we can eat and it can easily digests.
U can use fish ,grilled chicken ,shrimp,beans or fruits.

Peanut sauce follows


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  2. wow, this looks so well done - yumm !!
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  3. Interesting recipe.. looks awesome.. thanks for sharing !!
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  4. Absolutely love the filling and I like this variety, delicious :)