Friday, October 9, 2009


Hai friends today i got this award.Divya passed me this award.I am really happy to recieve this award from Divya.Divya is good at cooking.She had nice collection of recipes.

Here is the meme part:

1.Where is your cell phone : No CellPhone

2.Your hair : Black

3.Your Mother : Susheela

4.Your father : GowriShankar Rao

5.Your favorite food : Chicken Biryani

6.Your dream last night : None

7.Your favorite drink : Coke

8.Your dream/goal : Learn some more in Painting and Dance

9.What room are you in : Living room

10.Your hobby : Blogging,Painting

11.Your fear : Lonely and Lizards

12.Where were you want to be in 6 years : Hyderabad or Banglore

13.Where were you last night : Home

14.Something you aren't : Selfish

15.Muffins :Blueberry muffins

16.Wish list item : Own house in India

17.Where did you grow up : AndhraPradesh

18.Last thing you did : Cooking

19.What are you wearing : Nighty

20.Your Tv : Watching Kera with my daughter

21.Your Pets : No

22.Your friends : Sravanthi,Prasanna,Ganga

23.Your life : Good

24.Your mood : Happy

25.Missing someone : My parents,Bro & Sis

26.Vehicle : Yes

27.Something you're not wearing : Long Skirt

28.Your favorite store : None

29.Your favorite color : All

30.When was the last time you laughed : Now i am laughing

31.Last time you cried : before 2 days

32.Your best friend : My hubby & My Mom

33.One place that i go over and over : Temple

34.One person who emails me regularly :My friends

35.Favorite place to eat : In Home

I would like to pass this award to some of my friends.






Sarah Naveen



  1. nice answers Vineela. Thank u for passing me the award. Good Job keep posting many more wonderful reipes as usual!

  2. Gr8 to knw abt u...Congrats and thk u so much for thinking abt me, dear...u r so sweet!!!

  3. Congrats on ur award!!!!!!!!
    Nice to know about you
    Keep rocking

  4. Wow vineela,thanks for giving me the award

  5. Thank u Vishali.Sure I will post more recipes dear.

  6. Hi! you have a nice can visit my blog and give ur comments.

  7. Thank u very much Kitchen Queen.Sure i will go through ur blog .