Friday, October 30, 2009

Methi Parata

Hai friends to day i am coming with Methi Parata.I love this parata.Its really tasty and healthy.When i got fresh methi i used to prepare this otherwise i use frozen.Ok lets go the recipe.


Wheat flour(Atta)-2 cups
Methi leaves-1 cup
Coriander leaves-handful
ChilliGinger paste-1/2 tsp
Yogurt(curd)-1/2 cup
Turmeric little pinch
Salt to taste
Chilli powder to taste
Water very little to knead it.
Oil-1 tsp
Ghee to apply on paratha.


First take large bowl and add the flour
Now add the turmeric,chilli ginger paste,salt,chilli powder,oil,methi leaves,coriander leaves and yogurt..

Now mix it well by adding very little water and make it nice dough.

Keep this aside for 1 hour and later we can use it.
After 1 hour now knead the dough and make make small lemon size balla.

Take 1 ball and dip in the wheat flour and roll it with rolling pin in clockwise direction.Now it becomes like big circle.

Now place the griddle and heat it.
When it gets heat place one roti on it and make it fry.

When the roti gets little bubbles its the sign to turn next side.

Now turn the otherside and heat it when it is done.
Do same to all rotis.
Apply little butter to the roti.

Serve hot with any curry ,pickle and onions.


  1. Thank u very much.Even my husband like this paratha.

  2. Never tried this..Yummy parata.

  3. Luv this healthy paratha

  4. paratha looks yummy....must try this soon!

  5. Wow.. delicious looking methi paratha..!

  6. They are a sure treat n travel helpers....
    I make it the same way!

  7. I make these paranthas without yogurt so will try with yogurt next time. Another version can be done by adding Gram flour(besan). Besan makes it lot crispier.

  8. Thank u very much Tina.Try this paratha u love it.

  9. Thank u very much Priya.Try this paratha u love it dear.

  10. Thank u very much Shalini.Next time i will try with besan dear.

  11. Parathas look so perfect. never used yoghurt in this. will try it next time.

  12. Thank u very much Raje.Try this version u will like it.

  13. hi dear,

    plz collect ur award frm my blog!

  14. I too make them, in a much similar it tasted great. Like ur step by step method...lot of people may find it very helpful.

  15. i came across your blog from other blog.i love it. i cant even stop viewing it. i wanted to go through every page at a time. but you have loads and loads of recipes.. very nice. i started following you.
    do check out my blog when you have time