Monday, October 12, 2009

Tofu curry

Hai friends today i am coming with Tofu Curry.This is chinese dish.Mostly tofu is used by chinese only.I dont know about tofu before 2 months back.2months back i went to one restuarent there my hubby ordered one tofu curry then i like it.This i tried for the first time but it came out good.I tried this curry with Indian style.I think u guys will love and try it.

Tofu (豆腐, tōfu(Japanese), dòufu(Chinese)?, English pronunciation: /ˈtoʊfu/) or called toufu, bean curd[5] is a soft white food made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks. It is of Chinese origin,[6] and part of East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese[7] and others.[8] There are many different varieties of tofu, including fresh tofu and tofu that has been processed in some way. Tofu has very little flavor or smell on its own, so it can be used either in savory or sweet dishes, and is often seasoned or marinated to suit the dish.

Tofu originated in ancient China,[6] but little else is known about the origins of tofu and its original method of production. Tofu and its production technique were subsequently introduced into Korea, then Japan[9][10][11] during the Nara period, and Taiwan. It also spread into other parts of East Asia as well.[12] This spread likely coincided with the spread of Buddhism as it is an important source of proteins in the religion's vegetarian diet.[9]

Tofu is low in calories, contains a relatively large amount of iron and contains little fat. Depending on the coagulant used in manufacturing, the tofu may also be high in calcium and/or magnesium. Tofu also contains soy isoflavones, which can mimic natural human estrogens and may have a variety of harmful or beneficial effects when eaten in sufficient quantities

Ok lets go to the recipe.


Tofu -1 packet
Ginger garlic-1 tsp
Salt to taste
Chilli Powder-1 tsp(Acc to ur taste)
Garam masala-1 tsp
Whole spices(Elachi,Cloves,Cinnamon)-2 each
Spring onions-1/2 cup
Oil-1 tsp
Ghee - 1 tsp


First Open the packet of Tofu Cut the tofu into cubes.

Now place one pan and heat it.When it gets little heat add both oil and ghee.

Make it heat.When it gets little heat
Add the tofu cubes and fry until it changes to brown colour and liitle crisp.

When it gets crisp transfer them to a plate.

Now in the same pan again add the rmaining oil and heat it.
When it gets heat add the whole spices and fry it.
When it gets heat add the ginger garlic paste and fry untill the raw smell goes.

Now add the onions to it fry until changes to light brown colour.

To this add the chopped carrot ,water ,salt and cook this until it tenders.

When the carrot gets tender add the chopped tomatoes and chilli powder and little water cover and cook this for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes it cooked completely now add the 1 tsp garam masala mix this well.

Add the fried tofu cubes and mix well.Fry this for 1 minutes.

So that all the tofu get coated wit the gravy.

Finally add the chopped spring onions and transfer to the serving bowl.

Serve hot with the rice and roti.


  1. Looks amazing!!!Love panner in any form...bookmarked it sure will try this.

  2. Thank u very much Sangeetha.Its not paneer.Its tofu.U can try with paneer also.

  3. looks so delicious, vineela...i love ur presentation!

  4. tofu is looking same as panner, but this dish is new to me.

  5. nice one dear...please do participate in my first cooked food event...check my blog for details

  6. Thank u and welcome back.Sure go through ur blog.

  7. Nice Click!!!!!!
    Have tried paneer but not tofu
    Will give a try soon

    Aruna Manikandan

  8. Thank u very much Aruna.Try it u like it.

  9. Hi Vineela ,

    I like the red masala box in ur picture.Great help if u can tell me where u got that from.