Friday, September 18, 2009

Choclate dipped Strawberries

Hai friends today i am coming with Choclate dipped Strawberries.I love this.Even my husband and daughter also love it.This we have to eat while the berries r fresh.Within 1 or 2 days we have to take.Other wise the strawberries spoiled.This is first time i tried it came out good.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Semi sweet choclate-1/2 or 1 cup
Strawberries-1 lb
Water -1 glass


First we have to melt the choclate.

To this we have to use double boiler bcos choclate should melt directly on the pan.
Now place one pan with water place another pan on top of the pan.

In the top pan we have to put choclate when the water is boiler with that heat the choclate gets melt.

Now take some toothpicks and insert each tooth pick in each berry.

When the choclate is melted we have to dip every berry in choclate and get coated fully.

Now place each berry one by one on the rack so that the excess choclate comes down on the plate.

Then place all the choclate dipped berries on the plate and put in the refrigerator.

After 30 minutes we can have the berries.

Now see how my daughter enjoyed the choclate dipped berries.This is the result.


  1. love those choco dipped strwaberries....Sanvi looks cute with choco all over :)

  2. Thank u very much Vishali.Missed ur comments dear.

  3. Wow I love chcocolate dipped strawberries. Last pic so cute...

  4. Choooooooo chweet :) I love the last pic :)

  5. I love chocolate, and strawberries...

    Mee papa chala bagundhi

  6. Thank u very much Pavithra even me too like the last pic only.

  7. Thank u very much Saru .Thank u very much for the compliment.

  8. Wow.. super delicious delight! Ur princess looks so cute with chocolate all over her mouth vineela..!

  9. This is sooooo simple and yummy!!...ur angel looks soooooo cute and sure she wud have enjoyd it very much!!!

  10. Hi vineela ...ur daughter is so cute....loved the pic of chocolate dipped strawberries as well...