Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rose Flowers(Gulabi Puvvulu)

Hai friends belated"Happy Dussera".This is also called as "Vijayadasami".Ydy i was bit busy due to festival so i cant post anything.During weekends i was also busy bcos some of my north indian friends invited my daughter to do some pooja.They invited all small girls in our group.They did some pooja.Two days i was busy with that.Ydy in our place we used to do pooja to all machineries that have the motor.We used to clean everything and do pooja.After pooja is done we used to put kumkum to all electrics.Thats it for us.Ok lets go to the recipe.I tried this sweet last week.This is the first time i tried this recipe.I got this recipe from my cousin Jyothi.She told me how to prepare this.And also 2 months back i saw this in Aha Emi Ruchi tv cooking episode.So i got it how to prepare.It came out good and its very tasty.


Rice flour-2 cups
Maida-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Salt little pinch
Oil -2 cups(required for deep fry)
Water required to mix
Rose flower mould


Take large bowl and add all the dry ingredients rice flour,maida,sugar,salt.

Whisk it well.

Now gradually add water by mixing without any lumps.

The batter should be not hard or not liquid consistency.

It should be like dosa batter.
Now put oil and heat for deep frying.

When it gets heat first we have to put the mould in the oil and heat it.It should be heat it well(The mould should be very hot otherwise the batter wont stik to the mould).

When it gets heat now dip the mould in the batter soon the batter stick to the mould.

Now immediately we have put the mould in the oil and shake it now the batter forms like the flower and comes down fry this until it changes to brown colour.(If it did not come take of with the help of fork.It should be done fastly otherwise it has been cooked and stick to the mould.When we do it imeediatly that time it will be wet so that it can come out.)

When the flower is frying we have to again heat the mould and do same to all the batter.

This we have to do one by one.
This sweet is cispy and store in the air tight box.

I think u guys like this and try this.


  1. I love this dish, never knew how one makes without egg...

    btw FYI, http://cooking4allseasons.blogspot.com/2009/09/update-on-plagiarism.html

  2. nice post vineela,i want to make this but i don't have rose mould.this time i will get that mould.

  3. Wow.. I love this.. mom used to call this rail kattadam. :)

  4. Thank u Divya.Last time when i went to India i bought this.This is the first time i tried this.But it vame out very tasty Divya.

  5. Thank u Nithya we call this gulabi puvvulu.

  6. We call it achu murukku.. I simply love it..! My grandma uses some coconut milk to it, it gives more taste to this.. try it next time vineela.!

  7. Oh really next time i will try by adding the coconut milk dear.Thanx for giving the idea dear Sanghi.

  8. I love this Murukku.....
    But haven't given a try yet.
    Very nice to see illustrated photos in ur blog

  9. Thank u very much Aruna.Try this u love it.

  10. Achu murukku looks perfect and crispy. Nice to read about the poojas.

  11. hi

    can i ask u asmall question like where do you got the mould from?


  12. Hai madhavi i got this mould from India.We can get this mould on road side small shops.