Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dondakaya koora(Tindora Masala) and the award

Hai friends how r u guys.Now-a-days i am missing the blog due to some problem in my sys.When ever i open it within 5 minutes it is shutdowning.Now i am trying we have to see does it co operates or not.Ok lets go to the recipe.Today i am coming with the Tindora Masala.Lets know little about Dondakaya.

Dondakaya(Tindora):Coccinia grandis, also called tindora' (tindori, tindoori), Tondli (तोंडली in Marathi), toroda (oriya), ghiloda, kundri, kundru, kowai, kovai, kovakkai,kovakka(കോവയ്ക്ക), dondakaya (దొండకాయ), manoli, tindla, gentleman's toes (compare lady's fingers), tendli, thendli, thainli, tam lueng (ตำลึง), ivy gourd or little gourd, is a tropical vine grown for its small edible fruits. They may be eaten immature and green, or mature and deep red. The young shoots and leaves may also be eaten as greens.

Older botanical sources may call this plant C. cordifolia.

The fruit is commonly eaten in Indian cuisine. Natives of Thailand, Indonesia, and other southeast Asian countries also consume the fruit and leaves. Cultivation of ivy gourd in home gardens has been encouraged in Thailand due to its being a good source of several micronutrients, including vitamins A and C.

In Karnataka, Kannada speakers refer to it as "Tondekayi". In West Bengal, they are referred as "Toruli/Kudri". In Maharashtra, they are referred as "Tondli". In Andhra Pradesh, south India, Telugu speakers refer to this vegetable as dondakaya. In Tamil Nadu, south India, Tamil speakers refer to it as kovakkai. In Kerala it is known as kovakka(കോവയ്ക്ക). In Assam it is known as kunduli. It is eaten as a curry, by deep-frying it; stuffing it with masala and sauteing it ; or boiling it first in a cooker and then frying it. It is also used in sambaar, a vegetable- and lentil-based soup.

In India, ivy gourd is often recommended to diabetics due to its low glycemic index and its possible ability to help regulate blood glucose.

In Hawai'i and the southern United States, among other regions, ivy gourd is considered an invasive plant.

Ivy gourd is rich in beta-carotene.


Dondakaya(Tindora)-1 lb
Green chillies-2
Curry leaves-few
Salt to taste
Chilli powder-1/2 tsp
Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp
Oil-1 tsp
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Jeera-1/2 tsp
Dry red chilli pieces -few
Cashew nut powder-2 tsp


First chop both the onions and the green chillies.
Now thake the tindora and cut the both side edges and make Cross like slit .(like we use the brinjal in gutti vankaya).
Now place the pan and heat it.Pour 1 tsp oil and heat it.

Now add the mustard seeds when it starts pop then add the jeera,dry red chillies ,chop green chilli and curry leaves.
Now add the tindora and fry it in low heat so that it cooks well.

Close the lid and cook in low heat.
In the mean time we have to prepare the Onion paste.Take the blender add the chopped onions ,Ginger garlic paste and green chilli.Blend it it like coarse dont blend to smooth paste.

When the tindora is cooked add the onion paste,chilli powder and salt.Mix it well cook until the onion raw smell goes.

Finally add the cahew nut powder and mix it well.(If u dont have the cashew nut powder its ok).

Now serve this curry with rice or roti.

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  1. Congrats on ur awards dear...n d dish looks so yummy n the colour...

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  3. Yummy tindora masala, congrats on ur awards..

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  5. Congrats on ur awards,yummy tindora masala...

  6. Congrats for receiving the award, Dondakaya curry looks good.

  7. Hi Vineela, thanks so much for thinking about me :) I got admission for higher studies and my classes have started. It keeps me so busy that I cannot blog. Also I'm staying away from home for studies and hence do not cook. Thought of updating in blog but didnt get time too. Will do it soon! Wow you have so many new dishes! Everything makes me crave now!

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  13. is also called footfinger