Friday, April 24, 2009

Garlic Bread

Hai friends now-a-days i cant post the recipes frequently bcos bit busy with some gatherings and also with m daughter.During afternoon i am taking rest for some time.I also did some crafts these days i will post them soon.Here the weather is also too hot but today its too windy.Anyway lets go to the recipe. Today i am coming with very simple and tasty recipe "Garlic Bread".All kind of people love it.Its Italian dish.We can use any bread we want.I use the white bread slices.
Bread slices-5
Garlic cloves-2
unsalted butter-2 tsp
dried parsley-1 tsp
Method:First finely chop the garlic and mix with the butter.
To this mixture add one tsp dried parsley and mix it well.
Now take the bread slices and cut the edges.If we want in different shapes cut the bread like that.I use this shape.
Now apply the mixture to the bread slices and keep it aside.Now take the pan and heat it.Now place the bread slices and roast in medium heat.Now roast the bread slices on both sides and serve hot.Now the tasty tasty garlic bread ready.
Note:Dont add too much garlic it wont taste good.
Happy Weekend to all my friends.

I am sending this to the ‘Food for 7 stages of Life – Kids (4-14 yrs)’ with the below details to foodfor7stagesoflife(at)gmail(dot)com /


  1. Wow, simple aromatic and a efficient dish... Expecting your craft posts dear...

  2. Hai Ramya thank u sure i will come with crafts.

  3. Wow Simple and easy recipe..Looks delicious :)

  4. Simple garlic bread...Bagundi vineela..

  5. The bread looks delicious, very simple and inviting....

  6. mmhh nice garlic bread Vineela. will try sometime.

  7. Thank u very much pooja,vishali,usha and shama
    for ur lovely comments.

  8. Thank u very much srikar kitchen and kitchen flavours.

  9. Good and we love it.. Wish to have a slice

  10. wow.. that is a easy way to prepare the Garlic bread. Thanks for sending it across for the kids event.