Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strawberry Smoothie

Hai friends today i am coming with Strawberry smoothie.Here in texas the weather too hot since 2 weeks.So daily i used to prepare milkshakes , smoothies and juices for alterdays.I love the milkshakes.Even my daughter likes the milkshakes.She love this milkshake.I mostly used to do strawberry milkshakes .I got this recipe one of my friends blog.Now lets go to the recipe

Strawberries-1 cup
sugar-3 tsp
yogurt-1 /2 cup
whipping cream
crushed ice-1/2 cup
First cut the strawberries.Take the jar add the pieces of strawberries,yogurt and sugar and blend it.Now take this smoothie in the glass.Top this smoothie with whipping cream.

I think u all guys will love this recipe.Today vishali got award for this recipe only.Congrats Vishali.


  1. Wow Vineela, Look at the irresistable smoothie with a pink bottom,yogurt topped and a strawberry sitting on top...

  2. hey Vineela, nice and yummy smoothie.

    I did not get the award for this smoothie dear. Thats just been given by 2 of my blogger friends. So posted it below my smoothie recipe ;).

    Anyways urs looks delicious.

  3. Hai ramya thank u for the lovely comment.Its not yogurt topping its whipping cream.

  4. Hai vishali i thought u got he award for the smoothie bcos one of the blogger is conducting the juices so i thought that.Anyway congrats forwining the award.