Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toy Box

Hai friends today i am coming with one of small craft made by me.Its very simple to make.I think u all guys will like it.In my car the back seat is fully filled with toys i cant even sit due to toys so i got idea to put some box so that we can put back all the toys in the box.Now my car is looking very clean.So i want to share with u.
What do we need
Daiper box-1
pompoms few
tape and tape dispencer-1
Glitter stick few
Gift wraps 2Method:First take the daiper box and cut the covered edges as shown in the picture.
Now wrap all sides of the box with gift wrap.First measure all the sides and cut the gift wrap and apply glue and paste it.With the help of paper cutter we can easily fold and cut the paper.

Now we have to cover inside the box with the another paper.
Now we have to cover inside the box.Cover all sides and also down.
Now cover the down side.
Now we have to cover the attaches.It wont look good so cover with he pompom glitter sticks.
At the corners paste the pompoms if u like.
Like this u can use this.


  1. Looks great, a wonderful idea to hide everything and keep things organized too... Gift wrappers make it look attractive and no one will ever know that its a diaper box unless we tell em...

  2. Good idea..Very useful and keep posting like this more

  3. Great idea for storing toys! :)

  4. Thank u Ramya yeah i too love the gift wraps.

  5. Thank u Pooja.We can use for magzines or u can use like organizers.

  6. Good idea Vineela. Ur kiddo must be very happy seeing the colorful box.

  7. Yes vishali she love it by seeing the bright colour.Now she cant understand what i prepare.If i give it to her she will tear it.She feels happy when she grown up.