Monday, April 20, 2009

Pesara Avakaya(Moongdal Avakaya)

Hai friends today i am coming with "Pesara avakaya".Last week when i was watching the Maa Voori Vanta on that day they telecast this recipes.On that i saw this recipe.Its very simple.I love Mango avakaya very much but during summer we cant eat pickles a lot but we can eat this avakaya.This moongdal avakaya cools the body.Anyone can eat it.For this recipe no need to take special mongoes.I love the pickles that all my mom prepares but now i am missing.When i came from india she gave all the recipes so that i can prepare the pickles.Now lets go the recipe.


Mango-2 cups
Moongdal-3/4 th cup
Chilli powder-1/2 cup
salt-less than half cup
mustard powder-1 tsp
jaggery-2 tsp
oil-1 cup


First fry the moong dal until it changes to light brown color.
Now turn off the heat and cool the moongdal and grind it to the coarsely powder.
Now wash and clean the mango and cut into pieces not too small or not too big.Dry this mongo pieces on the cloth without wet otherwise it spoil the pickle.Now take the clean and dry bowl(without wet)place all the pieces and add the moongdal powder,chilli powder,salt,mustard powder,jaggery and mix well with the spoon.

Now mix the half of the oil and mix it well. Now take the clean and dry jar place all the mixture in the jar and add remaining oil.
Keep this aside for 1 day the next day u can have the avakaya.This will be good for 2 months.
This avakaya tastes good.I think u all will try this recipe.


  1. SLurrp Slurrp!!! Wow awesome pickle... I am gonna borrow your bottle fulla pickle lol ;)

  2. Sure ramya u can borrow t dear.he pickle

  3. mmhh looks yummy, spicy and delicious. love it

  4. Hot and spicy pickle.. Adding moong is new to me.. Looks gr8!

  5. Hai anu even it is new for me to add moong dal.When i saw this on tv i like it very much.

  6. Pesaru pappu and avakaye sounds like unique combo...recipe must be authentic...looks gorgeous, hungry already!!

  7. Thank u for ur lovely comment gandhi.