Monday, June 28, 2010

Bachamel(White Sauce)

Hai friends today i am coming with "Bachamel".This is called as White sauce.This is English breakfast sauce.Last month we went to Arkansas their we stayed in one hotel.The next morning we had breakfast there i had this white sauce with biscuit.I really love it .When i came to my home i used to search for this sauce in google.Finally i got the reciep and the name of the sauce.In this reciep we have to use onion and cloves but i did not use .This recipe also very tasty.Lets go to the recipe.


Maida(All purpose Flour)-1 1/2 tsp
Butter-1 tsp
Milk-1 1/2 cup
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Onion cut into half(the onion studded with the clove)(I did not use this)
CLoves-3(i did not use this)

First take the deep bottomed pan and heat it.
When it gets heat add the butter(dont make to turn dark)It should be heated in medium heat.
To this add the flour and mix well.
Now pour the milk slowly by mixing continously without forming any lumps and mix well.(At this point we have to use the onion studded with cloves)Add the pepper and mix well.
Cook this until it forms like cream(It should be thin cream not make it hard)

Switch off the heat and make it little cool.When it is luke warm add the salt.

Serve with the biscuit.(I use the store bought pillsbury biscuit prepare acc to the instructions).

I hope u all like this sauce and give a try.We really enjoy this.


  1. I have heard of it, but never tried at home, thanks for the recipe.

  2. Try this priya u love it.Children will love it.

  3. Bachamel sauce looks delicious,thank you for sharing.

  4. bachamel sauce looks delicious n tempting ...i must try it...

  5. Thank u very much Satya.Try this dear.

  6. This is new to me and looks delish...step wise pics is always helpful :)

  7. Delicious bechamel sauce, goes awesome for gratin..

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  9. I love this one with biscuits too.. They are really tasty and make it a scrumptious breakfast.

  10. hey thanku so much for sharing sucha nice recipe of the sauce....too good one...

  11. I tried this when I was living in London Vineela. Yours came out well from what i can tell!

  12. Thank u very much Priti try this u love it.

  13. Thank u very much Radhika.I go with u dear.

  14. Thank u very much Gayatri try this u love it.

  15. thats a nice try vinee.. so nowonwards u can enjoy the homemade sauce and biscuit.. good vinee looks so delicious too

  16. Wonderful post.. thanks for sharing vineela.. :)

  17. thank you for linking looks fabulous