Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo frame and Flower basket

Hai friends today i am coming with Photo frame and Flower basket.This we can give as gifts or we can perpare for us.This i am giving as gift .This we can prepare with 15 minutes.

Items that we need:
Toy-1(I use 1 if u want u can use more toys)
Flower bunches-2(I use 2 colours if u want u can use more colours)
Leaves bunches -1(If u want more u can use it)
Hard sponge-1(small I use small )
White card-1
Artificial weeds
Ice cream sticks few(I use different  colours)


First we have to prepare the Frame.
Take the card and apply the glue and stick the ice sticks keep it aside to dry for sometime.
Now place the basket and put the sponge inside the basket as shown in the figure.
Now take the frame and apply little glue to the four sticks and stick to the back side of the frame to insert into the sponge.
Now insert the frame into the sponge as shown in the figure.
Take all the different colours and types of flowers and cut each flower from the bush.
Now arrange all the flowers and stems into the sponge as shown in the pic.
Finally cover all the gaps with the weeds.
This is final product.
Now u can paste ur favourite photo.

Finally the gift is ready to present.
I hope u all like this.Please give ur valueable comments.


  1. Hey very interesting.didn't know that you even do art work.Keep it up.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us, easy and look beautiful.

  3. Very cute and interesting flower basket..

  4. Nice flower basket photo frame.Very creative and quick to make.Thank you for sharing.

  5. WOW that's gr8 work dear..basket looks so beautiful

  6. hey wow thats a creative one....really gr8 wrk....i love such arts and urs is really very nice and those pics are really helpful iof v wanna make it...

  7. Thank u very much Gayatri Raj.Try this and share the pic dear.

  8. oh my god vineela..rocking with your talents...multi talents

  9. Wowwwwww.. really gr8 work vineela.. mee new template bagundi.. :)

  10. Am the lucky person, who has got such a wonderful gift.It is so beautiful and pretty.Am very glad to get a gift with your own creativity and i love it so much!!!! Thanks a lot Vineela!!!!

    Superb Creativity!

  11. Thank u very much Sravya for the wonderful comment.