Monday, June 21, 2010

My 150th post-Bobbattlu(Andhra Famous Sweet)

Hai friends today i am very happy to know that i reached to 150th post.First of all i have to thank my Husband ,Daughter and All my blogger friends those who give support and encourage me to reach 150 posts.I mostly thank to my mom who teached me traditional recipes and healthy tips.With the help of i got lot of traditional recipes.Today is special day so i am coming with traditional recipe called Bobbatlu.This i prepare last year.Everytime i am trying to post but cant post.Today i am posting my recipe.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Moong dal-1 cup
Sugar-3/4 th cup
Maida-1 cup
Wheat flour-2 to 3 tsp
Oil-2 cups or more
Salt little pinch


1:How to cook the Dal:

Take deep bottomed pan and pour required amount of water to cook the moong dal.
When the water is boiling clean the moong dal and add to the boiling water.
Cook until the moong dal the dal forms split and the centre of the dal.
Thats the time to switch of the heat and drain the moong dal in the colander.(Dont throw away the water this we can use to prepare masala dal).
Leave the dal to rest and make it cool.

2:How to prepare Dough:

Take a mixing bowl to this add the maida,wheat flour,little sugar and little pinch salt whisk it well with whisker to mix all the dry ingredients.
Mix well with water to make dough.
The dough should not very hard it should be smooth.
Now fill the oil until the dough completely soak .Keep it rest for 30 to 40 minutes.

3:How to prepare the stuffing:

In the mean time we have prepare sugar syrup.
Take another deep bottomed pan add the sugar and 3 tsp of water and make sugar syrup.
When the syrup is formed now add the cooked moong dal and mix well.Now take out from heat and make it cool.
After sometime the sugar syrup and dal mixture gets cool.
Add all the mixture to blender and blend to a smooth paste.(Dont add the water).We have to make like balls.
Now make the balls and keep it aside.

4:How to prepare the trays for Bobbattlu:

In India we use banana leaves for trays.Here i am using Aluminium foil.
Take any plates and cut the foil to the required size and cover the plate completely with aluminuim foil as i shown in the pic.

Now every thing is ready.Its the time to prepare the Bobbattlu.
Take the tray and apply 1 tsp oil and take required amount of dough and do as i showm in the pic.
Now place the stuffing and cover the stuffing completely with the dough.
Now press the ball with ur four fingers from the centre like clockwise here the centre and edges should be thin as shown in the picture.
Do all the balls like that and keep it aside.Finally little oil will be left this can be reuse.
Now place the pan and heat it.
When it gets heat now slowly take the bobbattlu with the help of spatula as shown in the pic.
Fry this by applying little ghee.
Fry this on both sides.and transfer to the plate.
Do all like this.
Serve this in hot.
This is the best sweet in Andhra.

I hope u all like the dish.


  1. Vineela, congratulations on your 150 posts, may many more such sweet posts come from you. Where do you live dear? Somewhere close to my home? You are tempting me so much that I want to eat them now. I don't dare to make them as I feel like everything has to be so perfect, and last I had was when I was in India 2 years ago and mom made them. I may dare to check your recipe and try it out one day as this is exactly how mom makes them :)

  2. Wow what a beauty....really too good pics dear....and this is one of ma fav dish frm Andhra...i liked it a lot yaar....looking yummy and mouth watering one...

  3. Congrats on you 150th post and bobattlu looks really good.

  4. Dear Vineela,
    Congratulations on your 150th Post.It sure is wonderful to celebrate it with bobbatlu.

  5. Hi vineela
    congrats for the 150th post,bobbatlu looks awesome MIL used to prepared this for me n i love to have it...i really miss them now...the best combination of bobbatu is pulihara n my MIL is expert in both of them...

  6. congrats on ur 150th post,..hope u hv 1000000000000more....looks umwht like how we make puranpoli.....divine treat for the sweet tooth...yummlicious

  7. vinee congrats on ur 150th post..grt job da..wish to see u with 150k post very soon all my best wishes and happy blogging..the traditional recipe thats a good choice for this post..really delicious as always u are doing a grt job presentation is superb..good one keep it up

  8. Congrats Vineela for ur 150th post, keep rocking gal, wat a excellent sweet to celebrate this milestone..very tempting bobbattlu..

  9. Congratulations! Thanks for your hard works to share with us the detail steps and your lovely recipe, appeciate much! Nice to know you via blogging.

  10. Hey congrats on ur 150th post dear... Oooooooh u tempted me sooooo much that it make me to have bobatulu right away.. Yummy one !!!

  11. Congrats on your 150th post Vineela Siva, i wish you have many 100,000000 post published with success, i love your sweet, looks like very special preparation. I like these Andra sweet very much, one of my college mate used to bring all these homemade delicacies, i still remember the taste, it tastes amazing. Thank you for sharing all these Andhra special, looking forward from you more mouthwatering recipes.

  12. Thank u very much Swathi for ur wonderful wishes.

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  24. yummy! you have a great blog here Vineela. Vineela, nice name; my sisters name is Vineela too.

  25. Congratulations on your 150th post. A special dish for a special occasion. Wishing you more n more of this

  26. Hey Congrats on your 150th post vineela.. Bobbatlu perfect ga vachhayi.. Keep rocking dear !! :)

  27. Thank u very much Madhu.I too like my name.

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